NETSOL: New Trends in Social and Liberal Sciences ISSN 2469-4002 (online)

Year: 2018 / Volume : 2 / Area: Language, Literature & Linguistics

Gregg L. Carter
Book Review: Elephant in the Room: The Dysfunctional State of Affairs in Indo-European Language Studies, pp. 56-58.

The underpinnings of academic integrity reside in the researcher’s application of, and adherence to, the methodological standards established within the various disciplines, which help to ensure the accuracy of information as it moves from educated speculation to popular acceptance. Moreover, any deviation from these standards, intentional or not, carries with it adverse implications – popular acceptance of a fallacious theory by an uncritical population tends to produce a ripple effect and the potential for misapplication or outright abuse. Of course, the aforementioned is – while plausible - merely a worst-case scenario. All the same, information – regardless of its accuracy – spreads rapidly in our modern world, and it is all too difficult to displace an idea once it gains traction.

Keywords: Indo-European, Linguistics, Language, Historical Linguistics