NETSOL: New Trends in Social and Liberal Sciences ISSN 2469-4002 (online)

Year:2018 / Volume: 3 / Issue: 2

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Christopher L. MILLER


FALL 2018

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Thomas M. Hawley
1- Holding Out for a Hero: Celebrity Politics in the Neoliberal Age, pp.1-21.
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Matthew Weiss
2- Peace Process Pathologies: A Comparative Analysis of the Breakdown of the Israeli-Palestinian and Turkish-Kurdish Peace Processes, pp.22-51.
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Mychal Odom
3- Book Review: David Roediger. Class, Race, and Marxism. Brooklyn and London: Verso Books, 2018, pp.52-55.
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Gregg L. Carter
4- Book Review: Elephant in the Room: The Dysfunctional State of Affairs in Indo-European Language Studies, pp. 56-58.
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